How should I prepare for my spray tan?

1)  Exfoliate and shave the night before your appointment to prepare your skin for best results. 

2)  The day of your spray tan appointment, refrain from using moisturizers, perfumes, lotions, oils, or deodorants that may create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution.  You may resume using these after your first shower.


What should I wear during my tanning session?

Women attire is whatever you are comfortable with.  A dark swim suit, dark bra and underwear are common.  To help minimize tan lines I do provide optional, complimentary, disposable underwear. You also have the option to go topless if you feel comfortable doing so.  It is very common, so don't feel embarrassed.  Please note that the cosmetic bronzers are water-soluble and should wash out, but the DHA in the tanning formula may permanently stain whatever you wear during the session.

What should I wear home?   

Please bring loose clothing to wear home.  Anything tight will affect your spray tan.  I do have a lightweight, zip up body suite for purchase to wear home if you need something.  It's disposable and very convenient.